Sunday, April 27, 2008

Welcome Home Passport

well i have been meaning to post something new for some time now but got caught up in working on my graduation project, studying for finals and SHOPPING..
It's been even more stressful cause i sent my passport to be renewed to canada, and wasnt sure when i would get it back. But alhamdulilah it arrived today :) SO HAPPY....
So i finished my project. It's about Shakespearean sonnets. I just have to finish typing it up, but alhamdulilah the hard part is done with. My graduation party is on the 30th Inshallah, and group picture day is on May 1st. Maya Dear you have to come, it will be taken in front of the Library at Garyonies.
I got my exam results back, and Alhamdulilah i got a 97% avergae. So that puts me at first place alhamdulilah. My best friend is a close second at 96.5%..
Inshallah i am heading out to Libya on the next available flight outta here, just waiting for my dad to get the residency sticker in the passport though.
this time i will keep u posted, cause i am taking the laptop with me and i will have easy internet access at home..
all i need is ur prayers now so i can do well on my exams and grad seminar.. oh my grad seminar is on may 15th..
Hope to hear from u all..
Maya dear here i come...Dr. Butterfly I cant wait to see u..
take care
fee aman allah