Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quick Update :)

Well as u can all tell I have been away from the blogger land for some time now. I Have been in libya for about 1 month so far, and i still got 1 more month to go before my family comes. I start my first final exam tomrrow inshallah..Please pray for me.
Well i got her on the 30th and straight away from the airport i went speeding home got changed and went to the Hall where my department was having the Graduation party. we have the grad party and pix before the actual exams, sorta to lift our spirits. Neways it was a magical nite. no one expected me to make it in time for the party, but alhamdulilah i was there. Then the next day on May 1st, we had the group pic. It was nice too....we took loads of pix and my friends from all over came to watch. I cant believe that this year is coming to an end. What will i do without my friends.
Neways just wanted to update u all. Inshallah all is well with u guyz.
please dont forget me in ur dua'a's. I have my graduation seminar insahllah in a few days....very nerve racking..
Here are some pix for u to see......enjoy..
take care