Friday, October 26, 2007


maybe, maybe not



Thursday, October 25, 2007


hey everyone its my 20th b-day. wow i cant believe am 2 decades old.
like the song says, "its my party and i can cry if i want to". loool...
its my first bday away from my friends, for that matter my first bday without ne. lol
neways all i can say is inshallah my next bday will be more cheerful...hip hip hurray..hehhee
i got the sweetest msg from my sweety maya saying "happy ya 3asal ya keshta ya helwa ya hola. happy bday my sis"
neways yalla

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Say NO to stress and live stress free.....
lol its funny

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Libyan soccer fans die.

ان لله و ان اليه راجعون
في طريق العودة إلى مدينة بنغازي وقع حادث مروري أدى إلى وفاة 9 مشجعين على الأقل من جماهير مدينة بنغازي التي تدفقت على مدينة طرابلس لمتابعة مباراة الأهلي بنغازي والنصر والتي أقيمت في ملعب 11 يونيو بطرابلس، بعد قرار إغلاق ملعب 28 مارس للصيانة، كما نقل عدد آخر من المصابين للمستشفى، وقد وقع هذا الحادث على الطريق الساحلي في منطقة الكراريم بعد مدينة مصراتة.
It is a sad day for my hometown of benghazi. so far they havent released the names of those who have died. I am very worried, i feel trapped cause i am here in qatar and cant get a hold of libya.
inshallah kayer.
Please dont forget their families and those of who have died in ur dua'as
May allah forgive them and bring patience to their families.

Fee aman allah


good morning! first off i would like to welcome my DEAR friend DR. BUTTERFLY to the blog world.

This morning i got up and found the house completly empty. just me..ahhh it felt weird cause usally I am the one out ... lakin ahoo..

a while back i went ice skating..i was a little rusty at first but then got a hang of it. i used to be really good. ahh practice makes perfect so i got some work to do. here are a few pics of some guyz playing hockey (the all canadian sport). very nice from up above.

here is a nice quote to read..very truthful

"Love is being stupid together"




Friday, October 19, 2007

A few nice pix

salam everyone.
a while back my dear friend complema gave me some nice pix, they really made my day, and i hope they will make urs.

For my Friends.

good morning to eveeryone.
life here is going day by day for me and i think i am begining to get used to the idea of living here, although i dont like it.
at the present moment i am looking for a job, but i have to wait till my residency papers come out, which might take another week, so inshallah 7'ayer. in the end it depends on what ur qualifications are, and hopefully i have em.
does neone ever feel like he or she is being pulled into so many directions? that there isnt enough of u? thats me these days, wow wallahi its tough to be expected to do everything. ربى ايكون فى عونا
this pic is a symbol of what i am going through. its funny but it means alot.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I give u my heart dearest

with everything in ME> I BLEED FOR U

i like this pic. its all i want in a GUY


libyans all around

Eid Mubarak to u all..even though it came a bit late...but still the same
I have discovered that eid here and in canada are the same...BORING?! lool....
okie last nite i was lying in bed and just thinking....about LIBYAN weddings and how expensive they are. from the salat to gold to the house to feeding all ur guests. wallahi no wonder not many libyan guyz get married early, unless their parents have everything ready for em. masakeen wallahi. weddings takes its toll on the family financially. neways inshallah 3u2balkum all ya rab. (including ME). lol
heres a pic of some of the gold the groom brings to his bride. take note its only some........(this pic was taken at my friends wedding....there is more but shes wearing it).
fee aman allah (as maya puts it)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eid Mubarak

well its finally 3eed.....a7'era'a.....ramadan went by really fast. ..well sweety maya u told me to make my blog more active.....i am gonna try to....
okie so here is the story of the foot and bottle of pepsi
my last day in bengo i went to garyonies to register before i left. my friends from med school came and brought with em a box of pasti and a bottle of tissue and like 8 was nice of them cause i was really emotional bout leavin. neways to the point. my dear complema and missy wanted to take a pic with the bottle for the sake of making me laugh...hahah....they went all gooffffyyy...
well yea....just wanted to explain the pic
its really hard to find good friends these days. i am blessed with great friends that appreciate me and love me for who i am..the crazy , goofy, spontanious me...looool
when i left Van City i was sad to leave my friends..people i have known all my life..but was looking forward to this new life in libya
i got to libya ... i didnt feel dissapointed that i came....never did feel ne regret because i found friends...people that i felt like i knew all my life...sweety maya is one of em.....
thank god for everything..
maybe i am in qatarr for a reason....only god knows..
neways everyone EID MUBARAk and god bless

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

saddd day

well here i am here sux peeople...well lets see heres wats new. NOTHING>>>> soo boring people...i am gonna go crazy...i feel like i am in isolation and will never be freeee..hehehehehhe.....well inshallah eid mubarak and have a happy one..well not everyone will...
ina lilah wa ina ilayehi raje3ooon.a family friend has passed away due to complications opf child brith..she has just moved to qatar with her husband and kids 2 weeks ago....rabi yer7amha. and isabir her 5 kids.....
neways i am in noo moood to type...
sweety maya HAPPPY BIRTHDAY wa 3o2bal 100000000 years ya to7fa
yalla salam ya people