Thursday, September 20, 2007

soo late

well its been a while since i came online. the internet wont be hooked untill october so i gotta wait till then.... its been a weird 2 weeks so far. my rountine is sleep, eat, mall and sleep again. i still didnt meet neone yet but my dad has his friend that has a daughter her name is aisha too.. so i cant wait for that. well thanx sweety maya for everything ur making me feel like i never left with alll the updating sms's and all. i have been calling libya from time to time but it all depends on the time and the cost. neways i wanna keep on typing but time is of the essense,.llool watever that means....hahhaa..neways maya sweety have fun at ur party and u have to give me alll the updates sweeety...take care..bye bye for now. MUAH

Sunday, September 9, 2007


well its sunday the 9th and we r still in the hotel. its very frustrating. so ok we got the furniture in the house..but the mattresses for the beds havent arrived...ahhh....well i think i am feeling better about staying here.....but no thanx to u maya u made me feel so sad yesterday...well inshallah ya rabi i'll be there for the far7a alkebeera ya mera..hehehehehe. i cant wait for tonite. am going to alfantazi's. they are a libyan family that was with us in canada and now are here.. wat a small world eh. so thats tonite. and akeeda the mall and all of that. hahha u know whats so funny. yesterday i called complema and he said..r u sure ur in qatar?..a libyana number showed up. heheh..just imagine that i am there pretending i am here...but dont worry am in the middle of the middle east. so yea now am eating a nice bowl of maccoroni and cheese...blaaah...watever am going on and on bout nothing. am gonna go now and have a nice shower then go out..but u see the problem is that its soo hot here.. ahh i miss libya...i misss U HUNNI.....ya rab sabirni ya 7'aleee 3ainak 3alayeh....
peace out

Friday, September 7, 2007


lets see...its friday and i have been in my room all day.. last nite my sisters went ice skating while i skimmed through the mall. the shops arent expensive at all.. take for example a nice pair of addidas running shoes are for 245 riyals. which is about 75 libyan dinars. quite nice. at least i can shop here. but then again shopping isnt any fun with a friend or 2. i want to move into the house. but the furniture wont arrive till monday. go figure eh. u know i just realized that the whole libyan group that used to live in canada with us r all living in the gulf coast. spread all over, like UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi and i think Bahrain. neways am tired and depressed. i want my HUNNI. bbye bye for now

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Home sweet Home

well its been 4 days since i left bengo (as maya puts it) and i misss it terribly. am in doha and i hate it. i dont know neone and life here sux. sure it has the malls the fast food the clean roads and the law but i want the sal6a i was in. i miss my friends...but thank god for cell phones. its hard to keep in touch but wat can i do.....all thnx to the dad i am here and everyone i love is there. i miss u maya. daida. mona. warda. koka. ahhhhhhh. i am soooo home sick. i want to come home ya complema. wat am i gonna do without u. u r my rock and now more then ever i need u. well whinning about it aint gonna help. inshalla tonite we r goona finish our furniture shopping. and tomorrow its our last day at the hotel. saturday we r moving to our house. its a nice place. i even got my own room. so its ok i suppose.....but it sux neways.....i HATE IT....i wanna go home....waaaaaaaahhhhhhh........hopefully i'll be better when alfantazi's come back to doha...the only libyan canadian family i know......neways goodbye for now and god bless.