Saturday, January 12, 2008

Benghazi HERE I COME!!

salam all

well as u can tell from the title, I am going to LIBYA!!

I cant wait. just 4 more days and i am gone!! i am all i packed the minute i knew i was going.

at first i booked for the 23rd of this month, but then the exam date moved up so i had to re-book for the 16th.

my exams start on the 29th inshallah. i am really stressed out these days with all the studying. inshallah all goes well..

this time i will be absent from the blogger land till i finish my exams, but if i have time i will post an update.

please pray that i do well and that everything is well..

Maya huney i am coming i cant wait to see u i misssss u soo much ya 7obi.

take care everyone

salam for know

next post with come from aljamahiriya al3odma

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Late Eid

Yummy 3osban

salam everyone
I hope all of you enjoyed ur Eid. i know i havent posted nething for a while, but like they say always an excuse for everything. lol
This year's eid was one of the worst by far, mainly because my mother, father and myself got really sick. we had the fever, cough, sore throat, upset stomach, and nething else u can think of, so we didnt have an eid.
so after we got better, which was almost 10 days later, my parents invited our close libyan freinds, Alfantazi's, a family we have known since our days in canada, for a 3osban party! yay!!
so of course i got buzy cleaning up the house, and mum got buzy in the kitchen.
alhamdulilah we had a good time. so we got together yesterday and everything went smoothly. but of course i had other plans so i didnt stay for the whole thing. they served the dinner and i left right away, cause a friend of mine who is getting married invited the girls for dinner at Pandora's. although i have never been there i enjoyed the food and of course the company of 8 girls. after dinner we went to the cinema and watched 30 days of night and walked around the mall and checked out a few stores. of course we all spent alot of money..hhaha even though we didnt pay for dinner we made up for it by buying the few odd things.
so far i begining to enjoy Qatar, although i dont wish to live here.
neways here are a few pix of yesterday's 3osban party, so enjoy.

Hot mesayer, made my ME!

My dad and his friend Dr. Akram and the boys

the sofra, almost all ready