Saturday, January 12, 2008

Benghazi HERE I COME!!

salam all

well as u can tell from the title, I am going to LIBYA!!

I cant wait. just 4 more days and i am gone!! i am all i packed the minute i knew i was going.

at first i booked for the 23rd of this month, but then the exam date moved up so i had to re-book for the 16th.

my exams start on the 29th inshallah. i am really stressed out these days with all the studying. inshallah all goes well..

this time i will be absent from the blogger land till i finish my exams, but if i have time i will post an update.

please pray that i do well and that everything is well..

Maya huney i am coming i cant wait to see u i misssss u soo much ya 7obi.

take care everyone

salam for know

next post with come from aljamahiriya al3odma


Maya said...

Welcoooooooooome back

So you gonna come soon

untill the next time
fe aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam 3abtash,
I wish for you safe travels, inshallah. I have no doubt you'll do well on your exams from all the efforts you have put forward. Enjoy your time.

Benghazi Citizen said...

welcome back and good luck with the exams
i know how stress fulk these days must be
Benghazi Citizen

Mr: Madi said...

salam 3abtash and welcome back may ALAH helps you with the exams I know you, you are smart girl you'll pass it inshallah

dusk till dawn said...

i can see how exciting ur to be back home to benghazi ,
i wish u safe and happy travals . and very enjoying flight,
we all will pray for u and hope all ur exams will go well and gd luck.
iam sure Maya will be there waiting for u,have fun to

3abtash said...

maya hunni just 2 more days!!

ibee: thanx, i plan on enjoying every last minute of my time there

BC: its been very stressful lakin allah galib it comes with the territory of studying! thank u

Mr.Madi: inshallah everything goes well...thanx sweets

DTD: its gonna be an all nighter flight for me, and being that i am going alone its a new advneture, inshallah rabi isahilha...and maya better be there!!

Anglo-Libyan said...

safe trip inshaAllah and best of luck with your exams.

Lollwa said...

توصلي بالسلامة ان شاء الله

3abtash said...

maya huney am going to the airport soon....

anglos libyan. thanx bro
lollwa shukran

cya around bloggers

Happymoi said...

that means on your trip back you are visiting me:):) i cant wait:):)
have a safe trip to bengo...and cant wait till u come to tripo..

a_akak said...

sorry for the late reply,

I hope you enjoy your trip and may allah help you in your exams

Good Luck

Fe Aman Allah

Highlander said...

all the best in your exams, no idea why I never imagined you were a Libyan blogger. :)

a_akak said...

So how did u do in your exams?

Fe Aman Allah

Lollwa said...

السلام عليكي.... وينك ؟؟ اشتقنالك؟ طولتي الغياب .... طمنينا عليك ...


Crowded Mind said...

As I told you
I met her once
called her twice
always waiting
and I'm the waiting
I deserve that
she should back home to Qatar

fe aman Allah

Lollwa said... كيف يمكنك أن تبقى صامتاً

a_akak said...

still not back?