Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Salam fellow bloggers,

well i am back in Doha, Qatar. I have been in libya for more then 2 months. i finished my midterm exams and alhamdulilah i did well...am still waiting for the results. i got back last nite and i am still in a mess. my SIM card expired so i gotta get it re activated but that means me paying 200 riyals, and no way i am gonna do that. so i got a new one for 50 riyals. ahh a new number so i gotta get it spread out in libya again. ahhh... i soo loved my visit. inshallah once i get settled in i will post some pics and stories bout my trip. ohh and of course inshallah i am going back at the end of april for my graduation seminar and final exams. inshallah kayer

hope everyone is good..i really missed the blog world.

till the next post

bye bye


a_akak said...

Its good to see you back and "al-hamid lil-allah Alla Al-salama"

We look forward to reading more and i hope u will do great in ur exams

Fe Aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam 3abtash,
Mabrook on your accomplishments, and alhamdullilah you returned safely. Looking forward to the picture posting.

dusk till dawn said...

so pleased to see u had great times in libya and u did so well in ur exams , iam sure nawarti AlDoaha . have fun

DaMoon said...

7amdella 3asalama, i am sure da weather it's getting warmer there.... good luck settling down

Crowded Mind said...

ya 3ami you are here again
I was in peace without you ya shena
welcome back 3abtash
I don't have raseed as uusal thats why I couldn't text you back
fe aman Allah

3abtash said...

akak: thank u

ibeebarbie: allah ibarek feek..am glad to be bck

DTD: doha imnawra bi nasha

damoon: the weather is hot..its awufl

maya: wainek come on we need to talk

Lollwa said...

يا هلا يا هلا ... حمد لله على سلامتك ... عالم البلوق من غير مش حلو... يلا احكيلنا على رحلتك وعلى كل شئ لين وصلتي للدوحة...
موفقة ان شاء الله في امتحاناتك

Lebeeya said...

Alhamdulilah 3la asalama! Welcome back to the Gulf. Isn't the weather so freakin' hot??!

Looking forward to see the pictures and all the best with your studies. Let us know when you get your results!


3abtash said...

lebeeya sis...
its just tooo hot....
ahh i am melting away..

Mr: Madi said...

welcome back 3abtash insha ALAH benjah

jaylooni said...

how r u 2day at qatar

c u soon

ya sweety

jaylooni said...
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